About Me

As a creative specialist and design nerd, I take ideas and shape them into creative visuals. I’ve been a graphic and web designer for the last 5 years with experience in different industries both as a full-time designer and a freelance designer. I’ve only played a part in my projects when working full-time, so I’ve made the transition to freelance since I love working with clients from start to finish on projects. Starting with communication, developing timelines and checkpoints, and, of course, developing those ideas and growing my client’s business through design. I have a passion for creating my own fonts, icons, and illustrations drawing out my ideas and bringing them to life.

Besides graphic design, you can also see me spending time drawing, reading, playing with two adorable if not evil cats and rock climbing. I also believe in being socially responsible and dedicate my time to doing design work for a few non-profits and participating in journalistic endeavors with my significant other.